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Environment Policy

Here at Swithland Spring Water we are committed to environmental sustainability and are taking continuous steps to improve our performance and impact on the environment. Our environmental policy sets out the ways we are currently considering our environmental impact as well as the ways we intend to better ourselves and our effects on the environment.

Our Product

We supply Natural Spring Water, which in itself is a renewable raw material. The extraction of the water is under license from the environmental Agency and is closely monitored, both by an independent laboratory and ourselves.

The vast majority of our water is bottled into 18.9L and 13L bottles. These bottles are collected after use and returned to our bottling plant for inspection, cleaning, sanitising and refilling. These bottles can be reprocessed up to 50 times and are chipped and recycled at the end of their useful life without the need for landfill. These bottles are then made into a variety of new products including Mobile Phones, DVDs, Battery boxes and Traffic Lights. The caps used on the bottles are also all sent for recycling. We currently do and will continue to endeavour to send 100% of our used caps and rejected bottles for recycling.

Water Miles

Much has been written regarding the amount of miles water has to travel before it reaches the consumer. Here at Swithland Spring Water we have our own Natural Spring Water and is extracted at source, therefore it travels 0 miles to our bottling plant and storage deposit.

The vast majority of our customers are located within a 40-mile radius from our depot, with each bottle only having travelled on average 6 miles. This is extremely low overall ‘Water miles’ when compared to our competitors in the industry.

We are also trying to be smarter with the deliveries we carry out and are looking at the routes our drivers take to ensure they drive the fewest miles possible. We endeavour to carry out sanitisations and service work whilst also delivering water to customers to minimise van journeys. We encourage all our bulk customers to take full loads from us to ensure the maximum amount of water is delivered on each lorry load.

Our Water Coolers & Consumables

All of the Water Coolers we provide, both Bottled and Mains Fed, use a CFC Free Non-Hazardous R134a Refrigerant and comply with all relevant legislation, and are recycled at the end of their useful life in line with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment WEEE Regulations.

Cleaning chemicals in use are Environmentally Friendly and are those specified for use by the Water Industry’s Governing Bodies, the British Water Cooler Association and European Point of Use Drinking Water Association and are used in accordance with their guidelines.

We are constantly on the look out for solutions for our customers who are trying to reduce plastic wastage and look at more sustainable drinking vessels including fully recyclable paper cups and cones and multi-use drinking vessels.

Small changes within the organisation

We try to do what we can within the organisation, no matter how small, to work towards environmental sustainability. We ensure all that can be recycled within our office and warehouse is recycled. We have changed all the lights in our office to LED lighting, which uses 50% less energy than fluorescent lights. Some of our employees share lifts or cycle/walk/run to work. We encourage staff to use multi use drinking vessels both for those based in the office and our drivers based on the road.

Moving forward

Good Environmental practice requires not only top management responsibility but also employee knowledge and commitment. It is a continuous process that warrants both time and effort to ensure all that can be done is being done by us as a company.

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