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  • Where does the water come from?

    Swithland Spring Water is an exceptionally pure source from deep beneath the unspoilt beauty of the Ancient Forest and Charnwood Hills in Leicestershire.

    The catchment area of Charnwood is predominately woodland and parkland and still retains the unspoilt beauty of the ancient forest. Our water is pumped up from a borehole which is approximately 100 metres deep.

    It is an artesian source which means the water comes out under its own pressure. The water currently being bottled would have fallen as rain up to 50 years ago and gradually been filtered through the many strata of rock over those years.

  • What is the difference between Mineral Water and Spring Water?

    Natural mineral water comes from an underground source that is recognised and regulated by the ‘Natural Mineral Water Regulations’. The mineral content must have a constant composition and is inspected regularly. It is not allowed to be treated in any way that affects its composition and must be free of pollutants, be microbiologically safe to drink and bottled at source.

    Spring Water is very similar to natural mineral water as above. The chemical composition can vary with certain parameters; it must come from a single underground source. It cannot be treated in any way that affects its composition, bacterial state or taste. It is allowed to be transported to a bottling plant.

    Although our water is a Spring water it also meets all the criteria required for a mineral water.

  • Who are the BWCA and why does it matter that SSW are members?

    The Bottled Water Cooler Association (BWCA) is the governing body in the UK for the bottled water cooler industry. It is an industry association and accredited body which exists for the purpose of:

    Promoting water and hydration for employee health, productivity and well being
    Providing an informed choice of bottled or mains-fed coolers
    Providing strict cooler sanitisation and hygiene standards.
    A BWCA member must:

    Adhere to strict Codes of Practice on water source and distribution
    Pass strict annual audits carried out by independent certified organisations
    Employ qualified service personnel who operate to the highest standards of safety and hygiene.
    Swithland Spring Water has been a member of the BWCA since 2000; this membership guarantees you are receiving an unimpeachable and excellent quality product.

    For more information, please visit the BWCA website: http://bwca.org.uk/

  • How Environmental friendly are Swithland Spring Water?

    Our water is bottled less than 25 meters from the bore hole. Most of our bottles are then delivered to customers within a 50-mile radius, meaning we therefore have one of the lowest ‘water miles’ in the country (distance from water source to the customer). Our 19L bottles get washed and sanitised by machines before reuse and can be refilled many times before recycling. All our old water coolers are recycled in accordance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive. Consequently, we have both a low environmental impact and carbon footprint.

  • How often do you deliver?

    We delivery at least weekly to all parts of Leicestershire as well as the surrounding areas. We are able to set up regular weekly or fortnightly deliveries for yourselves or just deliver on request. We have only a 2 bottle minimum delivery. We pride ourselves on our prompt service and will always endeavour to deliver as soon as possible when any additional water is required.

  • Can I use my hot and cold water cooler instead of a kettle?

    The hot tap on the watercooler produces water at 90 – 92 ºC depending on the machine. This means you are able to make tea, coffee and other hot drinks using the hot tap, saving time and energy spend boiling a kettle. Most machines can store enough hot water to make 4 to 5 hot drinks at any one time.

  • How does Swithland Spring Water support their local community?

    We proudly support a number of local & national charities including Rainbows, LOROS, Vasculitis UK as well as numerous local running events such as Loughborough Half Marathon and Rothley 10k.

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