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Services : Equipment Installation from Swithland Spring Water.

Equipment Installation

All installation work is carried out Professionally by Fully Qualified and Experienced Engineers, and in full compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

Our Engineers are also members of The 'Water Mark Scheme', which is an industry accepted Approved Contractor Scheme run by The Severn Trent Water Authority.

For installation purposes a connection will be made via a T piece to your existing potable mains water supply. Included in the installation are:

  • Inline water pressure regulator
  • Double check valve
  • Water block/guard anti flood device with external reset button
  • 1 micron odour & taste filter,
  • Isolating tap (for added protection and peace of mind).

    All materials used are WRAS Approved. An electricity supply should be available within 2 metres of the intended site.

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